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NFL Team Developments and Movements Noted Ahead of 2016 NFL Season Kick-off

The 97thseason of the National Football League or NFL is still a few months away, but the excitement is now being felt among fans, casual observers, and bettors. The kick-off game that will feature the Denver Broncos is scheduled for September 8th,2016. Despite being months away the chatter about the teams regarding, which team will face the Broncos and which are expected to perform well during the regular season is increasing. Hence, what to expect from this new season, and what are the scheduled opponents for each team are the big questions.

Latest Movement of Players

According to the calendar, the NFL’s new season started on March 9th, but the movement and developments in different NFL teams started two days earlier. This time was when a number of NFL clubs started to make their moves contacting the agents of players whose contracts already expired last year. For many teams, the strategy was to submit qualifying offers to players with an option clause in their contracts. Many teams worked the sidelines talking with players and agents regarding salaries and changing of teams.

Other Early Developments for NFL Season 2016

Aside from player movements and expiring contracts, the leading teams are slowly building their teams and hiring support players for their standout quarterbacks. For example, the Titans have recently made some moves that can help boost the play of its star, Marcus Mariota. To ensure a good season, the Titans decided to hire the services of DeMarco Murray, and it swapped picks with the Eagles. The team also signed up Ben Jones, formerly a Texan for the centre. In addition, the team hired the services of Russ Grimm.

The Titans need this development of the team when it faces the Houston Texans, Indianapolis Colts, and the Jaguars in its first few games.

For the Atlanta Falcons, the problem last season was its centre, so it decided to boost its centre for this season. Alex Mack will help fortify the offensive line of the Falcons, and will be supported by Andy Levitre. The Falcons will need to fortify its centre since the schedule and listing of opponents have been announced. At home, the Falcons are expected to host the Panthers, New Orleans Saints, the Buccaneers, and the Cardinals for a start. Away from home, the Falcons will have to contend with the Carolina Panthers, New Orleans Saints, and the Buccaneers.

The Raiders, on the other hand, need the early part of the season to build on its defence. In the past, the Raiders focused on defence, but this time, offense is the name of the game. It is expected that it will use the draft to boost its defence for the coming season.

Betting and Tracking the Odds for 2016 NFL Season

Bookmakers today now operate their NFL Futures and enthusiasts and bettors can now place their wagers on the potential outcome of the season and the first few games. Different sites have posted different odds, but the Denver Broncos, Green Bay Packers, and Seattle Sea Hawks have better odds of winning the season compared to other teams. The odds will definitely change as the season officially kicks in, so bettors and enthusiasts should track and monitor the results.

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