UEFA Euro 2016: Spain Getting Ready To Defend Its Title

Excitement is heating up for this year’s UEFA Euro 2016, which promises to be a highly exciting and adrenaline fuelled event. It is the first time that no less than 24 teams will take part in the month-long event following a qualifying campaign under the ‘Week of Football’ concept. Watch out for Spain who looks ready to play a top performance this year, with David Silva ready to reach his peak.

UEFA Euro 2016 will feature international players throughout Europe.

UEFA Euro 2016 is the 15thannual event of this popular competition, the men’s football competition, which features top international players from throughout Europe.

This year it will be held in a variety of venues in France from 10th June to 10th July.

UEFA, the Union of European Football Association, is the governing body of football and organizes some of the most prestigious competitions in football throughout Europe. Tickets are still available for many of the games on their website, UEFA.com. UEFA is committed to promoting sustainability and social responsibility.

France wins the bidding to host the games

France was chosen as the host nation in 2010 after a bidding war took place between Italy and Turkey. Matches for the competition will take place over the one-month period throughout France in 10 cities including Nice, Marseille, Paris, and Lyon.

Thirteen of the sixteen teams that played in last year’s UEFA Euro are playing again, including Germany, England, and Spain.

Spain may well be the champions once again this year.

Spain is a two-time defending champion in this competition and winner of UEFA Euro 2015. They won their position for the UEFA in an exciting competition against Italy, scoring a massive victory of 4-0. Vicente del Bosque described this as their best victory ever and it completed a three-tournament string of successes. Before their 2-0 victory over Slovakia previously it had seemed like they might not even qualify at all. Now they are really a great team to watch and may well go on to achieve a top result for the second year in a row.

Vicente del Bosque, the coach since 2008, will be in charge of Spain’s team once again for UEFA Euro 2016. He is highly experienced and has picked out some of the greatest stars to represent Spain.
Watch out for David Silva who may prove himself once again.

A star of the competition is most likely to be David Silva, featuring again in the competition – he is a player to observe keenly. He played a prominent role in Spain’s games in both 2008 and 2012 and scored three goals qualifying for his place in UEFA 2016. He has scored a grand total of no less than 23 goals in his international career.

For the armchair betting enthusiast, it is well worth following teams closely as we get nearer to the event. Spain is undoubtedly a fine choice for the bookies based on their reliable reputation and past performances.

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